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Workflow in Healthcare - Monographs.

Workflow in healthcare is in its infancy, and faces many obstacles about which much needs to be discussed.
Healthbase recommends Tom Beale's excellent (EHR-centric) Health Information Standards Manifesto as background reading for clarifying issues related to designing information systems for healthcare, despite it having been published back in 2000.

Here are a number of monographs touching on specific issues confronting Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs) in the health domain:-

Workflow and the HL7 RIMEric BrowneMay, 2002
Workflow Modelling for Coordinated Inter-Health-Provider Care PlansEric BrownePhD thesis, 2005
Electronic Health Record Workflow Management SystemsCharles Webster, MD, MSIE, MSISweb site

Not specifically related to workflow, but may be of interest to the broader health informatics community:-

The Myth of Self-Describing XML PDF iconEric BrowneSep, 2003
The Health Information Standards Manifesto PDF iconThomas Beale 2000
Health Data Dictionaries meet codes video_icon.pngEric Browne 2009

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